The Aarhus Manifest

The Alternative’s ideal Aarhus is empathetic and reacts to injustice. We listen to each other, show consideration of each other, and create solutions that are respectful of everyone.

The Alternative’s Aarhus is green and it takes environmental crisis and climate change seriously. We create long-term solutions to these problems. With us abundant green space in the city is more of a priority, and we find sustainable solutions as we plan together, develop and build.

The Alternative’s Aarhus is participatory, and our political goals are created by citizens who live and dream in the municipality. We respond to the needs of the residents as expressed by the residents; and our dialogue is based on everyone’s best wishes for the entire municipality.

The Alternative’s Aarhus is curious and makes itself available as a workshop for innovative solutions pertaining to new communities, entrepreneurs, inequality, traffic and much else. We dare to pose hard questions, and we are not afraid of tackling difficult solutions.

The Alternative’s Aarhus is inclusive and embraces diversity as an opportunity to learn something new. We acknowledge that everyone plays an important role in the community.

The Alternative’s Aarhus is trusting, because trust is far more important than control. We understand that the more united we feel, the better we function as a whole.

The Alternative’s Aarhus is playful with plenty of room for spontaneity and creativity. Our playfulness is only limited by the bounds of our imagination.

The Alternative’s Aarhus is innovative and reaches out to the world with availability. We recognize that the problems of the world can only be solved if we help one another.

The Alternative’s Aarhus is poetic, where art and the desire to create thrive.

The Alternative’s Aarhus is a cohesive municipality wherein cities and neighborhoods are connected via sustainable traffic solutions. A municipality wherein schools, daycare centers, community support centers, housing and parks are all considered in every district plan.

The Alternative’s Aarhus is an Alternative municipality that is not afraid of big ideas – even when they might seem frivolous to others.

The Alternative’s Aarhus is the City of Smiles